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NEW: Early American Blown Glass Bowls

Up until a few years ago all we knew about 18th  or early 19th century string footed blows were the one example in the Corning museum attributed to Glassboro another published and attributed Amalungs glass factory in Maryland and a 3rd attributed to Wistarburgh in private hands. Then out..

04 Feb 2022

New Discoveries

18th Century South Jersey Creamer from either The Hesston or Wistar Glass Works Not a New Discovery but Alas a New Photo of "The Batsto Bowl" Rare Wistarburg Bowl   Newly discovered form on left- 18th Century America, Probably the glass..

01 Jul 2013

NEW Update 2022 Wistarburg revisited 2004

2022 update: Since these historical Archaeological undertakings 18 years ago with the help of the information learned at these 2 separate digs combined with almost 2 decades of additional study many pieces of Wistarburgh have now been able to be identified. Besides the thousands of utility..

01 Jul 2013

A Wistarburg Glass Vase, Important Discovery in American Glass

  Although the use and manufacture of glass vases in America has been widely disputed by many early American glass scholars in the past I purchased a piece last month that contradicts those thoughts, it is a glass vase made at the Wistarburg Glass factory in Alloway, Salem County New..

01 Jul 2013

Southern New Jersey Stanger family frakturs + Early 19th century hunter w/glass powder horn & more!

Estellville Glass Works Ruins Glass Blowers at Millville Star Glass Works, Medford NJ  (a classic view inside a glass factory) Captain Ebenezer Whitney  1780-1823 Early 19th century New York state hunter w/nailsea decorated..

01 Jul 2013


A South Jersey Folklore A natural phenomena found in the woods of South Jersey stimulated the imagination of glass workers for the creation of DEVIL"S FIRE paperweights, perfume bottles, ink wells, and mantel pieces. In the swamps of Southern New Jersey, there often appear to..

14 Jun 2013

The History of the Swan, Chicken and Rooster as an ornament on Blown Glass

        Four American examples made between 1800-1860 for other American examples see American Glass by George and Helen Mckearin   As far back as the 2nd century AD, the glass blowers in Rome were decorating their wares with a swan-like bird. Archeological..

14 Jun 2013

History of Glass making in Glassboro NJ (1780-1929)

The Whitney Glass Works around 1876 In Gloucester County on September 23rd 1779 Solomon Stanger purchased 200 acres of land. By 1781 the Stangers were ready to start what was going to be 148 years of continuous glass making in what was to become the town of Glassboro.   The Stanger..

14 Jun 2013

Interesting Family History of a Pitcher made in Millville in 1808

In the area of early blown bottle glass very few pieces have any significant provenance . The American Museum of Glass in Millville has a pitcher with a long history of being handed down in one family. It is one of the few pieces of South Jersey Glass known with a traceable history.   In the..

14 Jun 2013

The South Jersey Tradition

What is commonly referred to as the South Jersey Tradition are styles and techniques of decorating blown glass. Southern New Jersey has a very long and important history in the manufacturing of glass beginning in Alloway at the Wistarburgh Glass Works in 1739. The tradition no doubt had its roots..

14 Jun 2013