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NEW: Early American Blown Glass Bowls

Up until a few years ago all we knew about 18th  or early 19th century string footed blows were the one example in the Corning museum attributed to Glassboro another published and attributed Amalungs glass factory in Maryland and a 3rd attributed to Wistarburgh in private hands. Then out of the blue came 3  bowls with applied swag like decoration. All 3 found in different locations by different people in the Mid Atlantic area. Out of this group 2 are blown in a pale amethyst appearing to be made by the same hand. A aqua example turned up in Lancaster last year. There’s little doubt they related to the previous bowls mentioned. I believe they date anywhere between 1780-1820. I find this discovery exciting. 


18th century string footed bowl blown from green bottle glass attributed to Glassboro NJ on display at the Corning Museum of Glass