Antiques were always a substance of delight for William Hank Flowers and as a matter of fact, the hobby runs through his family blood line too. As per the admired antique merchant, the craze to collect antique belongings and folk art was actually derived from his own grandmother, who was an antique dealer herself for 60 + years." />
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About William

Hello folks if you've made it this far this is where I tell you a little about myself that's not written elsewhere on this website. Like many antiques dealers not all but many I'm also a collector .I made the decision not to own operate my own shop for several reasons. The internet had just started to enter the average home ,gas prices went up along with the other misc. expenses a single owner operated shop seemed to be to far out of reach in what is now a very competitive business. Back in the 20s and 30s during my grandmothers time the business was different at least from my perspective. I decided since I was semi retired from working in the building trades that id try this new way to buy and sell antiques. Well it was fairly new when I first started in about 1995. I still buy on a regular basis and over my 65 year lifetime I have managed to save much of the better merchandise. We are only care takers of these things so it time to pass them along .I have begun to sell some of these treasures some I've had for 30 or more years as of 1/27/2022. There`s always room to negotiate so it doesn`t hurt to ask, Hank