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Sleigh Rides, Taverns and GlassHouses

Travel in the early years of the nineteenth century was not the most pleasant adventure. The roads were maintained by the local land owners, who might or might not keep them in good repair. Many roads became overcome with ruts and holes in wet weather. Joseph Sickler states in his..

14 Jun 2013

Early Glass and other Industries in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey

From the beginning, the early Colonists understood the vast resources that the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey held. In the early 1700s the early settlers were using one of that areas largest resource, water. Many sawmills were erected using that waterpower to cut the timber that was also very..

14 Jun 2013

Early Whimsy or Folk Art Paperweights

There are times when Glasshouse Whimsies are also considered in other areas of collecting. For some years, Wheaton Village in Millville NJ has been very active in presenting customs and crafts that are considered American Folk Art or South Jersey Folk Art.     Where this folk art crosses..

14 Jun 2013

Clementon NJ-Amusement Park and Glass Bottles

By Dale Murschell Clementon is located in the lower part of Camden County encompassing the Chews Landing/Berlin Road. Route 30, also known as the White Horse Pike, runs through the northeast corner of the Borough. Almost everyone who grew up in South Jersey, within 40 miles of Clementon during..

14 Jun 2013

History of Glass Making in Fislerville (Now Clayton)

With the help of Juneanne Wescoat Glicks books They Blew Glass and The Recorded Businesses of Clayton Township Jacob P Fisler (1789-1868) Fisler Town was named after the Fisler family. They first settled in the area in 1753. By the early part of the 19th century they owned..

14 Jun 2013

The_History of Moores Lake aka Silver Lake Clayton New Jersey

Late 19th century Painting of the Lake   Partly due to the Revolutionary War the early history of the lake area is vague but it is known that in 1773 John Early of Aura bought land along Still Run Creek and shortly after acquired 2/3s interest in the saw mill there. Eventually Jacob..

14 Jun 2013