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New Discoveries

18th Century South Jersey Creamer from either The Hesston or Wistar Glass Works

Not a New Discovery but Alas a New Photo of "The Batsto Bowl"

Rare Wistarburg Bowl


Newly discovered form on left- 18th Century America, Probably the glass works of Casper Wistar Alloway New Jersey.

On right -The Philadelphia Museum of Art collection, same attribution.

Up until now not much thought was given (by myself) about the purpose of the bottle (above right) in the possession of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Personally I always thought that bottle was purely whimsical but now with the discovery of another similar bottle (above left) it has raised new questions about the function of these bottles. Both bottles are about 6 3/4" not very large. This has reminded me there is also a pair of related bottles known they are about the same size with decorated  lips and are more of an emerald green color, Ill see if I can round up a photo of them. So to date I know of 4 examples although varying somewhat in decoration but they must have shared a common function. Anyone with any facts or ideas about this are encouraged to forward them to me. Cologne, Liquor of some sort ??

It has been suggested that these are "Pint" bottles  used at taverns for individual servings in the 18th  and early 19th century. Similar but later examples can be found made at the Gallatin Glass Works at New Geneva Pa. If that's the case and it makes perfect sense,  the two 18th century decorated examples shown where made as a special order. Thanks