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Rare & Early SJ Berry Box

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:0.5 lbs

 This little Bery box comes from Southern new Jersey although a simple little thing Id bet youll never see another, The Stow family goes way back. John Stow has his name on the Liberity Bell. Johns family came from Birlington Co into Cumberland and Salem counties, they were farmers also Stow Creek in Salem Co.was named for them. Notice the construction,steam bent sides simalar to Shaker pantry boxes and later boxes, morticed bottom on two sides,hand wrought nails. Branded on two sides J STOW possibly a later generation Stow family member.From what I gather the Stow family grew all varieties of Fruit and vegitables including Swrawberrys and Raspberries

John Stow and John Pass were founders they ended up recasting the Liberty Bell after the bell ordered in England arrived and cracked at its first ring. Interesting story. More can be found on Wikipedia.