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4 Early Bullseye Window Panes

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:1.5 lbs

4 early Bulls eye window panes approx. 5" x 8", 1 has a corner missing,if you look closely it was used that way.However it was framed the framing covered that corner. This is a complete set when the 4 panes were framed and used in the transom they all appeared the same size.Bullseye window panes are remnants or left overs pieces of glass leftover from the crown method of window glass making used decoratively wasting nothing. Glass was an expencive luxury in the early period. Thoses unfamiliar with the Crown method of window glass.The making of window glass was simply done by attaching a gather of glass on the end of a pontil rod, by spinging the gather it would expand by centrifigul force. The hot molten glass would form a large circle of flat glass attached in the center.Then snapped off the pontil rod and left to anneal. Once annealed the glass was cut into rectangles what remained was the one piece that was attached to the rod hence a Bullseye was left.Typically Bullseys were used over the main entrance or transom of the main entrance this let light in and added a decorative look. Doors in the 18th century and earlier were usually solid without windows.For a better difinition of early windoe glass making do a search on the web there were 2 completely differnt methods. Very hard to find a complete set. Perfect for an early home restoration.