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18th Century Colonial American Pocket Bottle

Year: 1750-1800

Weight:1 lbs

Colonial period pocket bottle made from a medium yellow green glass circa 1740-1810. I don't like to over use the word Wistarburgh because there's not a absolute positive way of identifying much of their glass outside of chemical analysis.That being said analysis has been done on a handful of bottles and blown glass that did compare with that of which is found at the Wistar site.I'm not going into a big long description,everyone has their opinion.I think that it is likely a bottle made in America during either at Wistarburg or Glassboro or possibly even on of the other sites still being studied. The glass is typical for all the yellow green glass found and identified from that glass factory.The glass is thick,heavy and hard.These little gems are found in assorted shades of yellow green ,some pattern molded some not some made in the German half posted method so far no two are alike.This one appears to be 26 ribs although they are hard to count and can be found in many combinations also 16,21,24 and so on,don't think I've seen one with any more than 28.The wooden dip molds used apparently hard a short life and so many variations can be found.,,,, No damage about 4 inches tall, 3 1/2" wide , 2 1/2" deep and as I said made to endure,Lovely example.