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Bottle Glass Peg Lamp

Year: 1800-1850

Weight:1 lbs

Probably a rare piece for ive only seen 2 or 3 bottle glass peg lamps this is the first one in this familiar form.Probably New England. Definatly American circa 1830 -1860.Peg lamps are not very common and almost always found in clear glass never aqua bottle glass. A clever invention first made when whale oil became widly available.Any common candle holder could easliy be converted into an oil lamp.A cheaper way to make use of camdle holders the almost all homes used in one form or another. At a later point someone made a base for it.Not to be confused with a "Make Do" to continue using a broken oil lamp, The long peg is somewhat crooked and the end has been snaped right of the pontil rod.