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Signed Period Childs 3 Drawer Chest

Weight:4 lbs

Another fabulous Child size 3 drawer chest it would look great with the stepback cupboaed I also have listed.Id say it is built to the same scale as the cupboard. Anyway this to was made by a skilled craftsman or furniture maker.It is 10" tall x 10"wide,5" deep.Made from Chestnut and Oine as the secondary wood,The chest is completly original with no damage other than 2 shrinkage cracks that do not show nor effect the structural integrity of the piece.Tiny brass pulls and tiny wrougt nails.There is a star shaped design on the top that I cant tell if it was painted on or inlaid. The back of each drawer has the names of what I think were owners.I cant make out every word in pencil I can read Sarah Coffin. Maybell Coffin, Nellie Coffin ,Royel Coffin.Who knows maybe the family trade was making coffins centries ago probably but I cant help but think about it.As so often the family name related to its line of work. t is untouchrd but im sure would clean up nicely if desired.