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Impressive Large Early Speciman Jar

Year: 1800-1850

Weight:2 lbs

A detailed discription will be post shortly, for now the images came out well its 12 inches tall ,6 diameter. Exceptional large piece of rarly glass possibly late 18th century but no dout early.Pictures can not relay the statement this jar makes when held in hand. The size, the skill and the details.I admit im a little excited. Ive seen jars made like this once or twice they very small.  in clear glass.The thick foot was applied using the 18th century method of appling a thick ring of glass around over the glass base that makes the rest of the jar.The lid was blown completely from a single gather of glass being broken off the blow pipe at the thin bottom edge where you can see unevenness along with several hairlines that may have happened when removed from the pipe.What I love the most is a tiny gather of glass was appled in the center of thr inside creating a loop for hanging a speciman in a preservitive. Make no mistake this is a special piece that required skill to produce. The lid of a small example I saw once was pontiled on the finial leaving thick glass that could be ground to fit snugly into the jar.This feature makes this piece unique in my experiance.