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Native American Tomahawk Pipe

Year: Early 19th century

Weight:4 lbs

Native American Tomahawk circa 1800-1900.The pipe is 19 inches long with an iron axe head with  a bowl to smoke from. It still draws air. The wooden hasp is wraped in animal hide Im not sure if its Deer but it looks like it could be.The hide was also wrapped with hide with early imported multicolored beads with beaded Owl or Hawk feathers.they also were wrapped with red,white and blue threead,the feathers are now attached with thin copper wire.Sadly it looks like this piece send most of its life in direct sunlight the leather has become very brittle.I dont even like to handle it but it displys very nicely.There is a professional repair on the mouth piece.I know these pieces are desirable and tried to price it accordingly. Im sure someone out there could ID the origin or tribe but this is the real thing not a modern copy.Please feel free to ask any questions.