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Rare Decorated Pocket Bottle, 1800-1830s

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:2 lbs

Early fancy pocket flask made from heavy yellow green bottle glass. Rare is the appropriate term in this instance without doubt.A bottle just about identical to this one sold from the early collection of South Jersey artifacts of J. Howard McAllister about 15+ years ago.This flask is without damage.Slightly rough at the tail of the rigaree and stress lines on both sides from the flattening process and the conditions at the time of manufacture.The other examples all exhibit the same details.As the molten glass cools it quickly becomes harder to manipulate.This bottle is a sturdy as the day it was made.There's not much more to say.New Jersey had a number of glass works during this early period any one of them could have blown this piece. I believe the handful of examples that survive were possibly made by the same gaffer wherever he was working perhaps one of the Stanger brothers.The experienced glass working family of Solomon Stanger were brought to America indentured to work for Casper Wistar at Wistarburgh in the mid 18th century.It wasn't long before this large family started a Glass Works of their own in Glassboro.The Stanger familys story is extensive they had a large influence in New Jerseys glass making history.