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Barrel Shaped 18th Century Tankard

Year: Late 18th century

Weight:1 lbs

Early Blown glass tankard.Barrel shaped with applied threading and a wide applied strap handle. 18th century, very possibly made in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas of South Jersey.Clear glass with an ever so slight blue-green tint.The photos exaggerate that tint,the glass is clearer.These can be found with lids and others without them.It's unknown to me if the lid was a standard or an option.I have only seen two with lids and am inclined to think they were optional,who knows without a written advertisement.Perfect condition amazing since the tankard is made from a light delicate metal.Typical roughness on a couple areas of threading , The thin threads cooled quickly the temperature differences were not conducive to adhering to the much hotter body of the mug,part of the manufacturing process. It was a challenge just to apply the threads quickly and evenly before the piece itself cracked in the Colder environment.