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18th Century Utility Bottle

Weight:1.5 lbs

18th century American utility bottle.This particular bottle has an unusual anomaly.Intentional or unintentional? Its my opinion and mine alone that this is unintentional.Truth is we may never know. I am referring to the kick up of the foot.In the course of production for reasons unknown to me the bottle ended up with an odd looking base.This could have been done on purpose but i doubt it.I think its a case of colder temperatures and or excess glass.Over looking this detail the bottle has the details of what I see made at Wistarburg. This high quality yellow green bottle glass associated with the works of Casper Wistar.I am not familiar with this type of bottle in this shade of high grade green glass being made at anywhere except the United Glass Company aka Wistarburgh Glass Works .That said I remain open minded and the possibility I may be wrong.Moving on this bottle is an unusual size 5 3/8" tall. 90% of these utilities were made around 9 inches tall with larger and smaller examples known.A great bottle in great condition.There is a tiny potstone in the neck.To me no problem the overall cleanness more then make up for such a minor flaw.This green glass is exceptionally hard designed for abuse and to survive the rough treatment of the times.Enough said!! Really a nice example of a diminutive Colonial period bottle.