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Old Glass Mold warmer

Year: 1950- Present

Weight:2 lbs

For those that might not know when producing glass containers espcially when they began using metal instead of wood. The mold at the begining of a run had to be hot in order for the glass to fill all of the nooks and crannies of the mold had to close to if not the same tempeture.This was accomplished a couple ways.One way was to heat the mold in the furnace.Sometimes the mold was filled with molten glass completly this kept the mold an even tempeture or the same temp as the glass allowing the glass to fill correctly.This perticular container has loads of spaces.That said this was a mold warmer used to heat a candy container circa 1900s.Rather heavy clear glass that has turned light purple from the sun.This was obviously used as a door stop and has loads of wear and a couple chips.This are rare because usually they were used for cullet thrown into the batch of glass being heated for the next day.Probably more then you care to hear!It not expencive I just thought it was an interesting piece of glass history.The ship has an American shield on the Bow.