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Best Folk Art Hand Carved Allagator

Year: Late 19th - early 20th century

Weight:1 lbs

Fresh find,a super early American Folk Art Alligater,17 inches lond hand carved and painted Alligate possible made in one of our Souther states.It appears to be Pine,maybe Cedar. Light weight could be due to it age too.The surface and exacution are excelleant.Not the teeth! no idea how they got those in there.There are a couple missing but thats the only thing I can find wrong.Also note the blue glass trade beads used for making the eyes.This makes me think it might be Native American made.Trade beads like these go way bake and were used for bartering for needed items since the American Indians in the early days had no way to get beads like these.Of course they were used in many decrative ways.You can still see sighns of the original yellow and black paint. Much nicer in person but extra photos are avaliabe, thanks!