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Interesting & Original 1799 sampler

Year: Late 18th century

Weight:5 lbs

1799 Colonial period sampler it appears to be silk on linen stiched by Anne Peterson.It is in the original frame and in excellent condition.I can not find any damge to mention.Im sure after 200+ years there must be some amount of fading but very little,the colors are earth tones.What I find most intersting is the overall factors that make up this unusual early piece.It was found in the Carolinas.I think it could be English maybe from one of the coastal communities.The craftsmanship is very well exacuted. I suppose America isnt out of the question.The early date,the size,condition and the content I find just super. Theres a crab by the edge of the sea and a cat or a dog? going after the crab.There are birds in the tress and the what I believe to be a caterpillar in one of tree. There is a dwelling with a window up and away from the shore line. The frames guilding over plaster has some chipping as seen. Just ask I have a large image I can send to anyone interested.Thanks for looking