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Early Pungent (scent) Bottle

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:0.06 lbs

Early Seahorse scent bottle, late 18th century to early 19th century.These interesting little botttles were made at most of the early glass factories both in England and America.From South Jesey to New England to England.Lots of fancy work.Found in many colors.In the early days in the larger cities there were no sewer systems.Housewives wouldnt think a think twice of dumping the chamber pots out the window into the gutter.Imagine the stench.Lots of women of means carried this little scent bottles.All they need do is pour a drop or two into their hankie to smell something sweat.Thes little bottles were very popular for this reason.This bottle is in great condition made from clear glass with a pale blue tint and white stripes.pontil mark on the bottom with a fire polished lip/One very small flake I havent seen yet.