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18th Century American Pocket Bottle

Year: 1750-1800

Weight:1.5 lbs

18th century saddle or pocket bottle.Bottle is blown with heavy weight bottle glass usually associated with glass blown at Wistarburg. These bottles were made for hard use.Attributed to Wistar for those reasons.to be fair there were several other factories that were in operation during that time frame none carried on business for the amount of time as Wisterburgh.Regardless origin most likely falls to Casper Wistars Glass Works for the great length of time it produced bottles like this for utility use.1736 to about 1780.Those 40 years is a long time for success thousands of bottle must have been made there. Variations occurred of course along with the workers that also changed. But the heavy green glass hardly changed at all other then slight variation in shades of green  probably due to experimentation and origin of materials.I buy back any Wistar type bottles i sell.