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Wonderful Folk Art Carving

Year: Early 20th century

Weight:4 lbs

Outstanding piece of American folk art from the mid west is this carving of Dexter probably someone's loved pet years ago.He is a impressive Large piece it is 11 inches tall! well carved and in good condition.He has a long tail pointed up and away from the body of the carving.There are two old tiny screws or brads added at at the weak point.I think they were added when the tail was applied at any rate they look original to the piece Each letter in the dogs name is nailed on. Condition is amazing for its large size. There is some wear on the sides of the tail and the tip of his nose.It appears he was covered with a clear finish probably at the time he was made.Dalmatians were often the Mascot for many  firehouses back in the day,some still own them. I think he's late 19th century or early 20th century.Found in Idaho.Satisfaction Guaranteed on this one.