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Rare find ,18th cenruty Bronze Salt,American?

Year: 18th century

Weight:1 lbs

A trure rarity in every sence of the word.I wouldnt even know what it was had it not been for my fairly extencive knowlage in early American glass. I have encountered several of these in dark or medium green glass that were attributed to early Americsan glass works such as Wistarburgh since they are very early this pirce as well.There were one or 2 short lived glass factiries on NY and PA that could have produced this salt while althoug unlikl.This perticulsr salt was found in New York.State.This salt possibly has Dutch influinces.Some of NYs earlyest setters were Dutch and were known for mertal working including bronze. A very early and rare item. Maybe it was designed to be used a candle holder too?