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Emil Larson Lillypad

Year: 1900-1950

Weight:2 lbs


Emil Larson lillypad creamer blown in rare green glass much of Larsons glass made at his backyard works was amathist or blue. 4 3/4" tall. perfect
Emil Larson was born in Sweden and at age 9 immigrated to the USA. His father was employed at the Dorflinger Company. Larson started work at Dorflingers at age 13 and stayed there for 30 years. At the end of WWI Larson worked for many glass companies - Pairpont, Quezal, Sinclairs, Imperial Glass. In 1924 Larsen went to the Durand "fancy shop." Mr Larson without debate was the most talented glass blowers of his time working in Southern New Jersey

From 1931 to 1934 Larson traveled to other glass factories. In 1934 he settled on a farm in Vineland. He built a furnace in his back yard, referring to it as Larson Glass, and produced free blown glass. Larson also used some Durand molds that were owned by Philip Glick, an antique dealer in Clayton.

Larson also made paperweights. He had made a crimp for an upright rose paperweight. Larson paperweights were never sold to the public. They were only sold to antique shops.

In 1946 Emil Larson retired and moved to Florida in 1948. He died in 1970.