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Bridgeton NJ Folk Art Witch-Ball

Year: 19th century

Weight:4 lbs

Mid 19th century Bridgeton New Jersey aqua decorated witchball. Acquired from an early collection of a descendant of glass blowers there is this unique potochomanie aqua witchball. Typically when found this type of decoration was more feminine as woman often did this type of work this ball however appears to have been decorated by a boy or at least not the usual flowery and girly types of cut outs. It would not surprise me if the scenes were not local to Bridgeton but I haven’t tried to prove that. One cut out appears to be a factory perhaps a glass house the other looks like the old private girls school there? At any rate a cool circa 1850 glass whimsy. 6 inches diameter. Potochomanie was made by affixing die cut or hand cut  pieces of paper then coating the interior with a thin coating of plaster paris. Ive sealed the open pontil to keep air out as air can break down the plaster after time, This piece is stable and as found many years ago