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Early Magnum Millville Rose

Year: 1900-1950

Weight:3 lbs

Early 20th century famous Millville Rose magnum paperweight. Although this perticular crimp has yet to be indentified it was likily made by Ralph Barber at the Whitall Tatum plant in Millville New Jersey about 1905-1915. Beautiful pink rose not fully opened. One of the finest early rose weight Ive ever seen. Its large size makes it all the more impressive.

Crimp roses are an American invention, first developed in Millville, New Jersey at the Whitall Tatum &Company glass factory. Ralph Barber is credited with creating this distinctive technique around 1905 using tooled iron or brass crimps. The rose was formed by pressing the crimp into a gather of glass both colored and clear molten glass which pushes the colored glass into the clear leaving behind a floral petal design known as a Millville rose. Many gaffers made roses over the years and still do but the Barber roses are no doubt some of the best