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Possibly Berks Co.Pa.1790-1840

Year: 1800-1850

Weight:2 lbs

A very good exanple of a timsmith made large coffee pot.Coffee pots simalar to this are part of the Pennsyvalinia Germans collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where there are attrubuted to Berks County the museeum has several examples all with puntched decoration just as the trinket box offered on this website.Tin was a common material made and used by the  common man which isnt to say people in the higher classes didnt use them too its just that tin was more affordable than Silver.A step up frpm stoneware and redware tin items are found in every form although not usually decorated eith the use of a punch. Perfect untouchec condition cept for a small dent in onr sideLarge,10 1/2: tall.