Frequently Asked Questions

Do I give discounts?

All dealers with a valid tax exemption number will get 10% - 15% off items 100 dollars or more depending on the amount of leeway I have. Any non-dealer or anyone without a tax exempt number will be considered on a transaction to transaction circumstance, so just ask.

Is shipping included in the sale price?

No, buyer pays all shipping cost. I generally will pick with my materials and time as a courtesy.

 having trouble using the Shoping Cart or the Checking out process?

the answers are genrally simple just call me at  home or text me on my cell phone and I will gladly walk you through each step!

Home 856 863 0878

cell    856 816 2359

Shipping Fees look too High when checking out? Don`t worry

Yes I agree in most cases they are.While designing the shopping cart and check out system I could not find away to get an exact price for shipping and insurance for a varity of reasons.For example shipping fees are higher the futher West the item is shipped to and USPS fees are always going up.Once the package post marked I will refund any overpayment that may have been made.