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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I give discounts?

All dealers with a valid tax exemption number will get 10% - 15% off items 50 dollars or more depending on the amount of leeway I have.I have a "Sale" page where reduced priced intems are shown not tax excemption neccessary on that page.

Is shipping included in the sale price?

No, buyer pays all shipping cost unless otherwise agreed. I generally will pick with my materials and time as a courtesy. Exceptions are made depending on the situation

Do I ship out of the lower 48 states?

 My policy is that I ship to all the lower 48 US states. It is possible that depending on the size ,weight and destination that shipping outside of the US can be done. Buyer assumes all extra fees associated with shipping, insurance and any tax imposed by the country of destination do not alter the sales price on all forms in order for the buyer to save the extra fees, only to protect myself. It is illegal. 

Is there sale tax

If you are a New Jersey resident unless you can provide a valid NJ Sales and Use tax exempt number I must collect tax. All items being boutht and shipped out of state are tax exempt already