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Early and Rare SJ Trumpet Whimsy

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:1 lbs

Clear glass trumpet with clear glass applied threading.This is an early one folks could even be 18th century but defiantly at least goes back to 1830. For an interesting article please read Dale Murchells story about Sleigh rides and Glass Whimsies in the early 19th century.I just learned that these early glass horns are actual copies of what was called a riflemans horn it would have been made from brass or another metal and carried during the American wars, hunters bags a woodman bag along with other items needed by a man out in the wilderness hunting exploring ect. Really a neat colonial item!Pictures in George Mckearin an other Early American Glass books.The horn is 7" long and in fine condition,no damage.There is a little thread loss at the bottom but that occoured during making a common problem when laying such a thin string of glass the thread was so thin it had no weight to adhere to the body.