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Unusual Formed Iron Roaster

Year: Late 18th century

Weight:3 lbs


Very good form of a wrought iron penny foot game roaster with drip tray.It has severaal decrative details( matching file markings on the handle & spiral twisted supports for the fork) and is in good condition,only a dry surface rust that I may take care if myself. it was found together with the skewer holder and skewers listed earlier .Likely spent many years in a damp barn.None of the irons lessened the integrity of the iron no pitting either. The Iron just needs a coat of linseed to restore it back to its former glory.The linseed oil feeds the iron in the same way lemon oil feeds dry paint or wood.In a day or 2 it is absorbed into the dry surface,This is old time cure is still used today. once complete the surface will be dry, looking like any other early piece.The large two prong fork swings up and back to move your meal, fish or quail away from the heat.Any questions please ask,.thanks