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Antique Folk Art Potichomnia Whimsy Paperweight

Year: 1900-1950

Weight:2 lbs


Hand blown Folk Art glass paperweight whimsy with Potichomnia decoration.For those of you that never saw this word it was a art form done usually by woman at home kind of like a arts and crafts project,,something to do when there were no electronic games,TV etc. Glass gaffers of the 19th century made all sorts of off hand items one of the lesser known were objects such as this that were designed  for this pastime art form.Die cut pieces from advertisements or give always ,These cut outs were carefully inserted into different objects usually rolling particular ,bottles and witchballs plaster of Paris would be poured into the object to hold down the art work, I believe this idea originated in England and was popular during the Victorian era.This particular paperweight could be one of a kind. The term "Friendship" was a popular word used in paperweight making but those were made entirely of glass and glass frit.Perfect.