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Original Period Decorated Spoon Rack

Year: 18th century - early 19th century

Weight:5 lbs


A fresh find, A completely original late 18th or early 19th century Spoon Rack found in Cape May County New Jersey.This piece is made of several different kinds of woods that I'm having trouble identifying because of the blackened original surface Pine appears to be used perhaps Ash is another but I'm not sure. I can not find anything comparable and believe this is a New Jersey made spoon rack made by a skilled craftsman.The case is dovetailed as are the drawers and the drawer divider,the cross member pieces are mortised through.I think there are 6 nails total in the frame and several more in the drawer bottoms all were replaced many years ago you can still see some of the holes. I believe the original hole were reused in most instances probably to prevent any splitting of the wood.This was done to re strengthen this piece.The age overall age is obvious even the nail replacements are old. This remarkable find was never painted instead  it was decorated with circular like stamped decorations all over the wood that faces frontward. There are 12 spoon slots. 18" high, 14" wide,5" deep