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Rare South Jersey Bi-Colored Millville Vase

Year: Late 19th - early 20th century

Weight:1.5 lbs


Very hard to find a piece of tableware made in Millville made at the Whitall Tatum Plant right at the peak of Glass making in South Jersey sometime mid to late 19th century. Millville glass companies employed much of the population of the city of Millville and surrounding small towns.During this time the glass works was producing all kinds of glassware.The glass made there was shipped all over the US and world.They employed some of the most highly skilled workers at this time.This beautiful piece probably was made at the apothacary shop where skill was required.Seldom do pieces like this turn up,In fact this is the firstvase ive ever seen.Ive seen large Nailsea pitchers using blue,red and white for the looping.Ive seen clear glass tableware,sugar bowls urns with lids ans of cource paperweight but never a vase like this not even a clear one.This isNon lead glass with a polished pontil.Just under 7 incher high and perfect.It could be one of a kind.