Hand Wrought Iron Door Knocker

Year: 1790-1840
Weight: 2 lbs

Unique item! Found in the state of Maine is a hand wrought and hand decorated door knocker.Personally Ive never seen a door knocker.Hardware made for the house and barn like hindges,locks etc. but I have never seen one of these.Very nicely made too.Its a little hard to see in the photo but the handle end comes of the piece that was nailed to the door and has two 90 degree angles to bring it out form the door give a area to grab it and knock.Also on the underside of the handle is a pertruding attached piece of iton designed to hit the door.The door probablt had a pices attached to the door to receive the knock allowing it to be heard "louder" I love it! untuched condition andstill could be used.Little doubt it would cost more to have an Inor worker to make this these days and with such skill.